Zero Turn

The accident that cost me a finger happened when I was converting our tractor from mowing mode to regular tractor mode by removing the mow deck and putting the backhoe and loader back on. Since we have a tractor why not use it for everything to save some money on not having a dedicated mower?

Ok, that ended up not really saving us anything.

So today John Deere delivered our new zero turn mower. We also got a fork set for the loader on the tractor to help us move stuff around the farm. Looks like taking the bucket off the loader to put the forks on will be a lot safer than taking the backhoe on and off so hopefully my remains digits will stay that way.

I’ve not had a zero turn mower before — it’s a lot harder to control than I anticipated, more so since we don’t have a lot of flat ground and you often have to bias one side a bit to keep it tracking straight. Looks like I’ll need some time to practice — luckily we have a lot of land to practice on. Unfortunately since my accident I’ve not done any mowing and the grass is about 2-feet high at the moment; which is a bit more than this residential class mower is comfortable with. Originally I wanted a diesel zero turn, but $20k to just mow grass wasn’t an option.