General Updates

A few general updates.

I’ve reactivated my blog at

I’ll be posting most stuff here and setting up a service to copy content over to Facebook. For the past few years I mostly used Facebook, but I think it’s time to move away.

We lost two of our baby geese last week during the storms. They got out of their small protected enclosure and into the pen with the big ducks and got trampled during the chaos. Looks like one of the survivors has a broken leg but it’s healing and it can still get around.

It’s a shame to loose them, but we’re still doing better than we did in Texas. There we often loss half our birds to various events from the extreme heat to ferrel cats.

Compared to Texas, Missouri is rather tame; no rattlesnakes, no fire ants, no killer bees; all things we had on our country property down there.

I parked our 5th wheel RV trailer next to the house where we have a 30-amp electrical connection and I moved my office into the RV. We’re rearranging things in the house and this lets me work while we move things around and Julie won’t have to worry about making noise while I’m in meetings.

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