Mike Sisk

August 9, 2011

s3cmd with Multiple AWS Accounts

Awhile back I was doing a lot of work involving Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (aka Amazon S3). And while tools like Panic’s Transmit, the Firefox S3Fox extension, or even Amazon’s own S3 Management Console make it easy to use, sometimes you really just want a command-line tool. There’s a lot of good tools out there, but the one I’ve been using is s3cmd. This tool is written in Python and is well documented. ... Read more

June 13, 2011

Cron and Sewing Needles

Sometimes, even after decades of experience, you still screw up. Consider this cron entry I put in last night: # Backup MongoDB every 6 hours, zip it up, and rsync it. * */6 * * * ~/bin/backup_mongo.sh I wanted this to run the backup script for MongoDB every six hours. Instead, I got it running every minute for an hour every six hours. You’d think I’d know better considering I put the next cron in correctly: ... Read more

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